We met in high school...

Yeah...high school.  Toby's older brother set us up at a party thinking we would be a great match.  Toby spent the entire night avoiding Megan, but fortunately she was relentless.  10 (amazing) years later and we're finally making it official!  We can't wait!



We've been through thick and thin.

From our first apartment to buying our first home, we've been so lucky to have each other to lean on as life events unfolded.  Toby supported and encouraged Megan to obtain her GED, and then later her BSW and MSW.  Megan made sure Toby actually graduated from college ;-).  On top of supporting Megan, Toby has been an invaluable influence in Megan's sister's life.   We share a passion for mountain biking, Halloween costumes, good tacos and good beer (preferably together), social justice, increasing our vinyl collection (to keep up our hipster facade), and we like to think of ourselves as avid movie buffs.  We have grown together from teenagers to adults and couldn't imagine it any other way!